Dear partners, suppliers, customers,

We are pleased to announce that we found new premises.

We settled in a brand new warehouse of 35521 square feet with 3 loading docks for semi-trailers as well as a messaging loading dock, ideal for the optimization of our business.

This warehouse is located : 85 Rue Des Industries 71500 Branges, at 10 minutes of A39 and 30 of A6.

But that’s not all ! There’s still one more news ! The launch of the new range of spa pumps made by ASD : the ATL4 pump. It ...

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Water jets
Personalize your massage zones by adjusting the quality of massages (...)
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Glued water jet accessories
Each bath is unique. To allow you to create your systems, whatever (...)
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Air Jets
For a relaxing massage. The air is driven by a blower through (...)
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Pumps Balneotherapy
The pump is the heart of the balneotherapy system. Its power is (...)
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If the pump is the heart of the balneotherapy system, the blower is (...)
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The balneotherapy bath is supplied with water in a closed circuit: (...)
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Air regulator
The force of the massage is proportional to the quantity of air (...)
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Pneumatic controls
A balneotherapy bath is alive. Give personality to your creations by (...)
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An awakening for all the senses. Our luminotherapy and chromotherapy (...)
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The action of essential oils intensifies the sensations of well-being (...)
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The quality of water is essential. Our disinfection system destroys (...)
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Tubes and pipes, circlips, glue, valves, solenoid valves, assembly (...)
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