ASD, equipment for hydromassage and Wellness baths

ASD is the European leader in hydro-massage baths and a recognized innovator in the domain of "Wellness".

ASD, which designs 100% of its products, offers all the components necessary for building a hydro-massage bath: pumps, blowers, jets, electronic controls, connectors, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, etc. These elements are delivered in kits or separately, according to clients' choices.

Founded in 1993, ASD has become an essential supplier on the international hydro-massage market through i...

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Our products catalog
Water jets
Personalize your massage zones by adjusting the quality of massages (...)
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Glued water jet accessories
Each bath is unique. To allow you to create your systems, whatever (...)
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Air Jets
For a relaxing massage. The air is driven by a blower through (...)
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Pumps Balneotherapy
The pump is the heart of the balneotherapy system. Its power is (...)
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If the pump is the heart of the balneotherapy system, the blower is (...)
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The balneotherapy bath is supplied with water in a closed circuit: (...)
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Air regulator
The force of the massage is proportional to the quantity of air (...)
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Pneumatic controls
A balneotherapy bath is alive. Give personality to your creations by (...)
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An awakening for all the senses. Our luminotherapy and chromotherapy (...)
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The action of essential oils intensifies the sensations of well-being (...)
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The quality of water is essential. Our disinfection system destroys (...)
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Tubes and pipes, circlips, glue, valves, solenoid valves, assembly (...)
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